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Frequently asked questions


What do I have to do to rent an e-scooty?

You have to book an e-scooty. Simply click the link and follow the instructions.

You will need a credit card to cover the rent and leave a 200 € of deposit per e-scooty. If the e-scooty was used in according to the General Terms and Conditions the deposit will be refund in 24 hours after the end of rent.

Anyone renting an e-scooty is required to sign the General Terms and Conditions.


What is included in the rental price?

  • e-scooty
  • locker
  • Power charger (optional)
  • VAT


Will my credit card data be safe? Do you archive information about my credit card into your system?

The E-scooty does not collect numbers or any other information regarding the credit cards from the users on this website. This information is collected solely by the providers of credit card payment. In case of misuse of your credit card you can submit possible claims to your provider of payment services pursuant to the provisions of the Payment Services and Systems Act (Zakon o plačilnih storitvah in sistemih, ZPlaSS). The provider is not liable for any damages occurred to the customer on behalf of the credit card misuse.

What are the relevant traffic regulations?

With a XIAOMI M365 you are allowed to either drive on sidewalk or go in pedestrian zones, where you have to adjust your speed to pedestrian traffic. You are required to give priority to pedestrians.


What is your cancelation policy?

Rental Free cancelation is possible 24 hours before rent time. 


Do I need any license to rent an e-scooty?

Non licence is required for rent an e-scooty.



Why rent e-scooty?


No other mean of transport would enable you to discover the uniqueness and hidden treasures of the city as fast and efficiently as an e-scooty.


Riding an e-scooty requires less effort compared to cycling or walking. You will feel the breeze without getting tired. After hours of exploring the city of Ljubljana you will still look and feel fresh.


By riding an e-scooty you can enjoy the city in the most exciting and fun way.


Riding an e-scooty is eco-friendly and cause zero emissions. You are contributing to keeping Ljubljana clean and green.


Riding an e-scooty always brings a smile to your face.


Ljubljana, city of dragons

The dragon is the symbol of the city of Ljubljana and has pride of place on the Ljubljana coat of arms and on many places in the city such as on the Dragon Bridge. Try to find as much dragons on your trip as possible.


Prešernov Square and Tripple bridge

Prešern Square is the heart of the historic city centre. It is a blend of Baroque, Secession and architecture. The pink facade of the Franciscan Church, which is probably the most recognisable image of Ljubljana, a monument to the poet France Prešeren and Plečnik's Triple Bridge.

Town Hall

The Town Hall, the seat of the Municipality of Ljubljana, is an exceptional Baroque palace with Venetian influences. In front of the Town Hall, there is the famous fountain by Francesco Robba, designed in the style of the most beautiful Roman baroque fountains. Every Saturday, you can take a guided tour of the premises of the municipal government, which has been operating here for almost 500 years

Tivoli park

If you want to enjoy art, a green environment, fresh air and relaxing atmosphere at the same time, then you should not miss Tivoli Park – the largest and most beautiful park in Ljubljana. With the Tivoli castle, statues and fountains, outdoor gallery – Jakopic promenade, artificial lake, gardens, natural forest and numerous pathways, a few cafes and ice cream spots, everyone can find their own way to relax a bit away from the city center.


Špica Park

Just a few minutes e-ride away from the old town is the Špica park (which means ”point” in English) where the river Ljubljanica splits into two parts. In the past, Špica used to be a beach in Ljubljana. Today it is a nice place to enjoy the sun, have coffee with friends and relax.
Next to the Špica park – on the other side of the river – is the botanic garden, connected by Hladnik’s Footbridge. The botanic garden was established back in 1810 and contains more than 4,500 species and subspecies from Slovenia and other European countries as well as from the rest of the world. In the tropical glasshouse in the botanic garden it is also possible to see plants that can be found in a typical rainforest.


Ljubljana ZOO

Ljubljana Zoo is located in the wood on the southern slopes of Rožnik Hill. The zoo has a collection of animals from all the continents, with a focus on animals typical of the Alpine, Pannonian and Mediterranean regions. There are many programs for visitors such as “Meet your favourite animal”, “Photo-safaris”, “Camping”, “Be a zookeeper for a day” and “Night-time tours of the zoo«.


Mostec Park

Just a few steps away from the zoo is Mostec Park. With its many walking paths, pleasant wooded terrain and modern fitness trail it is one of Ljubljana’s most popular recreation spots. There are several hiking routes to the top of Rožnik. In Mostec Park there is also a guest house offering snacks and drinks.


Koseze Pond

Koseze pond is a small artificial lake situated only a few minutes e-scooter’s ride from the centre of Ljubljana. It is a walking and running destination for many locals. Around the lake there are several benches, a lookout pier, outdoor fitness points and playground for kids. The pond is a natural habitat for many animals like dragonflies, frogs, fish, swans and other bird species.



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